About us

The name ‘Hestia’ comes from Greek mythology, referring to the virgin goddess of the hearth. She was the most widely revered of the Greek goddesses and received an offering at every sacrifice, as the hearth was looked upon as the sacred centre of domestic life.

In December 1996 the Women’s Collective Warkworth/ Wellsford received a Lotteries grant to commission a feasibility study into the purchase or rental of a house to be used as a resource centre, safe house, crèche and activities centre for women. The study was prompted by the increase in demand for a Safe House service, which outstripped the number of beds available for temporary safe accommodation in the area.

The study was completed in March 1997 and recommended that a permanent Safe House was needed, separate from the functions of the Women’s Centre and that paid, trained workers were needed to carry out the demanding and potentially dangerous work. The majority of the recommendations made in the study were implemented and a house was rented from the Office of Treaty Settlements in Warkworth. For a period, several workers volunteered there, until the group became a legally Incorporated Society and affiliated to the National Collective of Independent Women’s Refuges. The name Hestia Women’s Refuge was adopted and a house was purchased for the collective by Housing New Zealand in Warkworth.

In 2001 more fulltime workers were employed and Hestia began Outreach services on the Hibiscus Coast. Contracts were eventually given to Hestia for a Family Support Worker and Child Advocate and outreach services were expanded. In 2008, Hestia’s operations moved to Orewa permanently to better meet the needs of its clients. Today the service employs nine workers, provides community support across the Rodney area and provides a childcare facility in the Safe House funded by the Ministry of Education.

Our mission:

To provide a confidential safe service, which women can come to or access in the community, when their abusive domestic situations are no longer tolerable. We support women in their choices without judgement, promote empowerment through knowledge, equity in relationships and the safety of children as being paramount.


Developing a community environment, which accepts responsibility for the safety of family / whanau from violence and abuse